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How Do I Choose a Treatment?
Step 2:
Know What’s Important
To choose the best treatment for YOU, think about what is important to YOU.
Mark one box for each concern.
Not Important
Very Important
1. Living Longer
2. My Body’s Health
3. Doing Things
4. Getting Around
5. Feelings
6. Thinking
7. Sex Life
Step 3:
Compare Your Options
This book tells you more about each concern. Think hard about the concerns that you
marked as “very important.”
Watch the DVD that goes with this book to hear from people on each treatment.
Step 4:
Talk to Others
Read this book and think about things. Talk to your family, your friends, and your doctor.
Let them know about your options and what’s important to you.
Step 5:
Decide What Treatment is Best for YOU
Choose a treatment that works best for you. Talk to your doctor about what your options
are if your first choice doesn’t work out.
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