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Frequently  Asked  Questions

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What size lift kit do you recommend?

Every cart owner’s uses are different. Many people raise their golf carts just for looks, so the higher the better! Whether yours is a lifted golf cart or stock is a matter of personal preference, as well as how you will be utilizing your cart. Naturally if your needs are for an off-road golf cart, you want it to have additional ground clearance. We have lifts available for all models, from 3 to 8 inches – and up to 11″ lifts for Club Car Precedents with huge 30″ tires! The A-Arm style lift kits are the premium method for raising your cart, as they provide the smoothest ride! You can see all the various choices in our accessories section.

Which size wheels and tires do you recommend?

Our most popular sizes for lifted carts are 12×7 wheels with 23×10.5-12 tires, and 14×7 wheels with 23×10-14 tires. We also have gigantuous 16×7 wheels with 30×10-16 tires – but your cart will need our “Monster” 11 inch lift kit to run those! Our most common tires are 4-ply, but If you plan on taking your cart off-road where you might encounter thorns or sharp objects, then you might want to consider 6-ply tires.

Do you offer pickup and delivery?


Do you offer financing?

Not directly, but here’s three options you may want to consider. Just click the icons below. Any one of these companies should be happy to work with you!

Do you ship golf carts out of state?

Yes! We can ship your cart and accessories anywhere in the U.S.  Just call for a quote! (832) 905-3939

What can you tell me about driving my cart on public streets?

Municipalities and counties have various guidelines for street legal golf carts, but many follow state regulations. You’ll want to check with your local police or sheriff’s department for specifics.  But as an example, if you plan to operate your cart on League City, Texas streets, you’ll want to read these permitting regulations.  Then view and download a Permit Application. Likewise, if you plan to drive your cart on Galveston Island, refer to the regulations at Galveston Police Dept. website (see “Ordinance PDF”.)
Many of CKD’s custom carts for sale already meet the requirements for driving on public roads. And we can easily add other items that may be necessary for your area, such as seat belts, to meet the regulations!

Can you custom paint a golf cart body for me?

While we aren‘t set up for painting in our shop, we have a couple of very competent & talented painters that we sublet custom paint work to – at very reasonable prices. (Please see examples in the bodies & components section.)

I see that you install stereos in golf carts. Where do you place them?

We can install stereos either in the existing golf cart dash (in most cases), or in an “overhead console” that mounts to the underside of the roof or top. But perhaps the cleanest installation is done by adding a custom molded dash that is designed to house a stereo.  It fits over the existing dashboard, and can include wood grain trim. (See a custom dash and stereo here.) Mounting the stereo unit in such a way can also provide more protection from the outdoor elements. The speakers are typically mounted on the cowl near your feet (opposite the forward/reverse switch) or over the rear fender wells.

If I decide to have you modify my cart, how long will it take once I bring it to you?

Of course, that will depend on how much you want us to do to it, as well as our work load at the time.  Typically we can install a standard lift kit, wheels and tires in a day or two.  Extended tops, stereos, rear seats, motor upgrades, new bodies, etc., will usually entail a few days to complete.  Actual working time can be shortened if we know in advance exactly which parts and accessories will be needed.

Can you install new batteries in my golf cart?

Yes! We sell and install Trojan, Pacer, Continental and Interstate batteries at very competitive prices. We will also check and clean all battery cables, and verify that all connections are good.

Can I bring parts to you with my cart and have you install them?

You betcha! Feel free to bring your own parts and we will give you a price to install them.